A short introduction

The great magazine  "Bier & Brauhaus" has published a short story about our brewery and the Red IPA "Flaming Hills"  (Link is in German)

14.April 2019


Summer becomes Autumn

For the beginning of the autumn season BRLO brewhouse has send us a few kind words. And yes, it is always a good time to drink a Witbier. Especially our "East Goes West"

"If there was any beer that mirrored the changing of the seasons, it would be the bi-polar wonderfulness of Feisty Goat’s “East Goes West”. A sparkling as light as spring, with a honey + wheat body that brings back the ides of July. But in this tiny, yet layered brew is a spring-like balance of spice and citrus – perfect for autumn. And while it might call itself a “witbier”, we humbly have to disagree with such a simple title, and move to rename this “A Session for All Seasons-bier.” Available at the BRWHOUSE today, and we’re honored to have this jewel as this month’s Sozialer Hahn beer."

02. October 2018



Karsten Morschett is a beer sommelier from Berlin, loves good beers, and shares his beer reviews on Instagram. At the end of August he drank a Feisty Goat "East Goes West", and commented the following:

“East Goes West! The Witbier by Feisty Goat Brewing. The light spicy notes of orange and coriander seduce the nose and palate. A subtle and refreshing summer beer with a pearly head of foam that fades dry and harmonious in the after taste.” (translated from German)

I am very happy that it tasted well, and many thanks for the great description.

Here is the link to Karsten's post and Instagram feed (in German). He drank many other great beers.
Or visit his website:

28.August 2018

Messe Mainz.jpg

Our first Craft Beer Fair

On 23/24 November we participated at our first Craft Beer Fair, in Mainz.

With certainty, we had the simplest booth of the whole fair. But that did not stop us from serving very tasty beer and having a great time there.

We received good feedback on our two beers, and made many new acquaintances.

Thank you all for the wonderful time your support.

24. November 2018

Feisty Goat East Goes West BRLO.jpg

Summer Days

Autumn will be here soon. Therefore you should enjoy the last sunny and warm days in a beer garden.

This month our "East Goes West" is fresh on tap at BRLO at Gleisdreieck. So don’t wait, go there to sit outside and enjoy a beer.

And of every "East Goes West" sold, a donation will go to the Berlin Crisis service.

14.September 2018


Games and Beers

A good friend of mine is a passionate gamer and beer drinker. So he sent my beer to one of his favourite gaming podcasts which discusses two beers at the beginning of each podcast. It’s also called "Having a drink (Auf ein Bier) ".

Listen to what they have to say. Minute one and minute seven (in German).

If you are interested in games, then of course please listen to the whole podcast.

As it seems they liked it ... although I personally would prefer it without a slice of lemon.

Many thanks to André, Jochen and Sebastian from Gamespodcast for the beer review. And thanks to Merlin for sending it to them.

19.August 2018