Feisty Goat Brewing started in 2016 as Filip's home brewing project in Beijing, China, with the goal of brewing good and special beer for himself and his friends. And happily enough they drank his beer faster than he could brew it.

Filip’s family background is in the hospitality business, and he grew up in his parents' restaurant between the kitchen and the bar counter. From this he got his passion for good food and drinks.

Asia is a foodie paradise, and Filip has been busy exploring all sorts of regional cuisines since 2009. But for beer the virtually only choice in China prior to 2011 was watery lager beer, but then the first craft beer breweries started opening. There he began to discover wonderful tasty beer, off the German Pils.

The good feedback to his beer encouraged him to continue experimenting with different types of beers, improving his brewing technique, and then he decided to turn this hobby into a profession.

Filip returned to Berlin in 2017 to continue brewing and opening his own brewery. Berlin is one of the most open cities in Germany, also in terms of beer. What a great place to brew beer!

Feisty Goat Brewing


Born in the Year of the Goat according to the Chinese lunar calendar.

Grown up in lovely Rheinhessen (Germany), surrounded by vineyards, in his family’s restaurant.

Berliner by choice since 2001, emigrated to China in 2009.

Beer brewer and recipe writer since 2016.

Back in Berlin since the end of 2017 and living life to the fullest.

Follows his own path, lives a life less ordinary, and always up for an adventure, just feisty.